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Rosetta Stone Italian review.

About Rosetta Stone Italian Program.

Rosetta Stone is probably one of the most known programs that is used for individually studying foreign languages. Aside from individual learners, it’s widely used by government and military agencies, schools and various companies. Learners can choose to study up to 24 different languages with Rosetta Stone and Italian is one of them.

Rosetta Stone has a unique teaching approach, which is based on image-word association (immersion). This program shows different images that learners need to associate with Italian vocabulary or vice versa. Since learners are studying through complete immersion, they don’t get any translations or explanations in English.

There are different forms of exercises in this Italian program. Hence learners are able to improve their Italian speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. This approach makes learning new languages quite simple. It is mostly aimed at people who don’t like to memorize lists of vocabulary or learn grammar rules.

Review of The Main Features.

At the moment there are a total of 5 levels of Rosetta Stone available for Italian learners. Based on information that Rosetta Stone provides, learners might need up to 250 hours of studying time in order to finish them. So that’s definitely a lot of studying material and it is possible to advance quite a lot in Italian after completing all parts of this program.

Some time ago Rosetta Stone used to be available in two versions – online and standard (software). Standard edition is no longer for sale. Nevertheless learners can select subscription length for using online course. There are options to select 3 month, 6 month 12 month or lifetime memberships. So depending on your Italian learning goals, you can choose shorter or longer memberships. There are discounts available for monthly price for longer memberships. Hence it is definitely worthwhile to consider them for long-term Italian learners.

Lifetime access to Rosetta Stone ItalianBusy Italian learners with limited time for studying, will find useful features Rosetta Stone program. It comes together with mobile app, which means that you will be able to study Italian via multiple devices. Also all studying content in Rosetta Stone can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. This gives learners flexibility to study Italian even while being away from their computer.

The other benefit of Rosetta Stone is that it has some engaging learning features – e-tutoring and games. After finishing some units in Rosetta Stone, users can book online sessions with a tutor. Also you will get access to different learning games that can be played solo or with other Italian learners.

Activities in Rosetta Stone cover all parts of Italian language. In this program you will find workouts that can help to improve Italian speaking, reading, comprehension and writing skills. Since this course teaches Italian through complete immersion, exercises covering grammar are very basic. Due to this, learners who intend to learn Italian grammar properly, might need supplementary studying resources. Workouts in Rosetta Stone are grouped based on the area of Italian they cover. So it is possible to select and do workouts that are the most essential. This allows to save some time and concentrate on Italian area that is the most important for each learner.

rosetta-stone-speech-recognitionTo improve Italian comprehension and speaking skills, users of Rosetta Stone course can use TruAccent technology. The main purpose of this tool is to encourage users to speak out load and then evaluate their Italian pronunciation. It is one of the most useful features of this program. This is because learners not only have to speak Italian from the first lesson, but they also get an instant feedback on how well they are doing.

The other advantage of this learning course is that recordings in Rosetta Stone program are done by native Italian speakers. This means that when following this course, users only hear correct pronunciation and accurate Italian accent. Learners who want to improve their speaking skills can also find accompanying audios. These audios can be used while on the move. Hence they offer a convenient way to practice Italian while being away from computer.

Rosetta Stone uses advanced technology to track user activities within a program. Due to this, learners can be certain that all their progress is fully recorded. Users don’t need to worry about remembering where they last left the program. After completing different workouts in Rosetta Stone, you will also be able to see the number of mistakes you made. This is useful feature when following your progress and deciding on which exercises to work next.


When studying via Rosetta Stone program, Italian learners can learn mostly essential phrases and words. Vocabulary cover topics like directions, shopping, travel, food, restaurant visits, time, orientation, expressing opinion about politics, economics and etc. Learners who intend to travel to Italian speaking country, will find most of this vocabulary useful when getting around and communicating with local people. Since Rosetta Stone partly groups its activities based on topics, users are able to select & do exercises containing the most essential vocabulary for them.

Review of The Main Weak and Strong Sides.

If you don’t have enough time to read through the whole article, here is a list of the main pros and cons of this program.

Strong Sides:

  • Rosetta Stone includes workouts to practice all areas of Italian language (speaking, writing, grammar, listening and reading). This is a great advantage over audio based courses that are aimed at improving only speaking & listening skills and are priced similarly;
  • TruAccent feature in Rosetta Stone program allows users to practice Italian pronunciation and get instant feedback. Also recordings in this program are done by native speakers. Hence users of Rosetta Stone can hear correct pronunciation of Italian words;
  • With Rosetta Stone you can always choose what parts of the course to do. So users can work on Italian language areas that need the most improvement from their part;
  • For Italian language in particular, Rosetta Stone offers 5 levels. This is a great benefit of this course, because it is suitable for advanced learners and beginner students can advance more with Italian too;
  • Workouts in Rosetta Stone are image based and they are very engaging to do. Consequently learners are less likely to get bored when studying Italian via this program. Also Rosetta Stone offers a few different games that make studying more dynamic;
  • Rosetta Stone can be a very useful program for repeating and expanding Italian vocabulary. Each level and lesson of this course includes quite a lot of new vocabulary that is also grouped by different topics;
  • It is easy keep track of your progress with Rosetta Stone. This is because exercises in this Italian course are based on points and it has advanced tracking. Due to this you will be able to continue studying Italian where you last left. Additionally it will be easy to determine which particular workouts to do one more time;
  • With Rosetta Stone course it is convenient study Italian while on the move. There is an app available that gives you access to studying material whenever you are and by using different devices as well;
  • Rosetta Stone does sufficient repetition in workouts. Consequently it is not too difficult to recall new studying material from this program. Also new Italian words and phrases are being used in further lessons. So you are less likely to forget what you have learned previously;
  • Rosetta Stone offers some of the most advanced online features for learning Italian. These include e-tutoring, games (can be played alone and with other learners) and app;
  • Due to lack of explanations, there is very little English language Rosetta Stone. Consequently it is not necessary to know this language in order to use this program. For the same reason it is also possible to immerse into Italian language fully when learning via this program;
  • The price of this learning program has decreased a lot in the past years. Now it is somewhere similar to other Italian learning programs (~$299 for lifetime membership). It is also possible to select shorter term memberships for 6 or 12 months. This can be a great option in case you don’t want to spend that much money at a time;

Weak Sides:

  • Rosetta Stone doesn’t include Italian culture information like some other courses do. Also all images and content structure in the program is the same for different languages;
  • It’s difficult to learn Italian grammar or sentence structure only by using this program. This is because there are no English explanations in Rosetta Stone. Hence learners who want to understand Italian grammar rules properly, will need some additional books or studying resources;
  • Image-word type of exercises might be confusing at times. This is because sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly what particular Italian word or phrase an image is trying to portray. It would be great to have a dictionary somewhere in the program or an option to check if you were right about some vocabulary meanings;
  • Rosetta Stone is not the best choice program for learners who are planning a trip to Italy soon. This is because at times this course teaches quite random Italian vocabulary. Due to this, it can take some time until you would learn essential phrases for getting around in a foreign country;

What Do Other Peoples Reviews Say?

If you will spend time searching for user testimonials of Rosetta Stone Italian, you will find both positive and negative reviews. The most common complain that you will find is that there are no explanations in English in this program. The other commonly mentioned downside is that it’s difficult to learn grammar only by using Rosetta Stone course.

Although quite a lot of people find Rosetta Stone a useful tool for learning new vocabulary. Furthermore user comments suggest that its an engaging and fun way to study a new language. Also quite a lot of learners confirm that they were able to recall studying content from this program and that immersion type of learning works for them. Read a few actual user reviews of Rosetta Stone Italian bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Rosetta Stone Italian, visit Amazon website.

Summary of the Review and Pricing.

To conclude this review, it could be said that even though Rosetta Stone has some weak sides it is still a useful tool for learning foreign languages. If you already have some Italian knowledge, it can be a great course that can help you remember vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. Engaging workouts in this course will allow you to practice all parts of Italian – speaking, comprehension, writing and reading. Rosetta Stone has some of the most advanced  and engaging studying features like e-tutoring, TruAccent and games. Also mobile app allows users to access studying content and learn Italian conveniently while on the move.

Since Rosetta Stone teaches Italian through complete immersion, this course might be not the best choice for beginners at this foreign language. Lack of translations and explanations in this program, might cause uncertainty and confusion. Due to this, learners might need to find supplementary studying resources to Rosetta Stone in order study efficiently. Also at times it introduces quite random Italian vocabulary, so it is not the quickest way to learn travelers vocabulary.

If you are new to Italian language, most likely a better program for you would be Rocket course. It is more beginner friendly and includes grammar explanations as well as culture lessons. Want to find out more about Rocket or other online learning programs? Then you should read our review article about the best courses for studying Italian.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone Italian Course?

Already decided that Rosetta Stone is the right Italian studying course for you? In that case you can buy it on Amazon and a few other retail sites. Alternatively it is possible to buy this program directly from official Rosetta Stone website too.rosetta-stone-italian-online

When it comes to price, there are different options available for this Italian learning program. It is possible to buy different length memberships for Rosetta Stone – 3 month, 6 month, 12 month and lifetime. You can buy one year subscription of this Italian learning program for 179 USD on Amazon. There is also an option to get 3 or 6 month subscription from official Rosetta Stone website. Nevertheless shorter memberships of this program not very cost efficient.

For learners who are serious about studying Italian, the most cost efficient option would be to purchase lifetime membership. Learning Italian or any language takes time. Consequently with limited memberships you might need to renew your subscription a few times.

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