10 Important Reasons To Learn Italian Language.

Are you still on the fence whether you should learn Italian? Then you came to the right place. In this article we provided a list of some of the most important reasons to study Italian. Some of the reasons are related to career, statistics and culture while other motives are more personal. Read on and maybe by the end of the article you will come up with your own reasons to study Italian.

1. Italian Makes Learning Other Languages Easier.

Italian belongs to Romance group of languages. Hence it shares quite a lot of similarities with languages such as French, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese. Similarities can be found in vocabulary and grammatical structures. Italian grammar is especially closely related to French.

Some speakers of Italian claim that they are able to get around in Spain or Brazil without too much difficulty. This is not surprising, because many of Portuguese and Spanish words are similar to Italian. Hence learners who have plans to study other Romance languages later, should consider starting with Italian. On the contrary, everyone who is familiar with one of Romance language, will find learning Italian significantly easier task as well.

2. Understand Original Italian Literature and Movies.

Italian Literature

For literature and movie enthusiasts, Italian is one of the best choices for languages learning. This is because Italy is exceptionally rich in movies and literature.

Most Italian books and movies today are translated into English and other languages. Nevertheless reading original book or watching a film without subtitles can be significantly better experience. During translation process some parts of the story can be lost or not expressed fully. Hence learners who have some Italian knowledge should definitely try reading or watching an original piece. While it can be challenging, it can also help you pick up some new words or expressions.

When it comes to literature, Italy is best-known for its classic Divina Commedia, which was written by Dante. Other more modern literature pieces are Le Citta Invisibily (Italo Calvino), Decamerone (Giovanni Boccaccio), Il Gattopardo (Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa) and others.

Like movies more? Not a problem. When it comes to Italian, the list of movies in this language is huge. You can watch all time classics such as La vita e bella, La Dolce Vita, Cinema Paradiso, Vincere and many others.

3. Easy to Learn For English Speakers.

For English speakers Italian is one of the easiest languages to study. This statement is confirmed by Foreign Service Institute, which puts Italian in the 1-st category of language difficulty. Based on FSI, languages in this group are the easiest to study for English speakers. On average it takes up to 600 hours of learning to have general proficiency in this language. Languages in other categories can take even more than 1000 hours to achieve the same level. Hence you will need to dedicate way less time for Italian studying.

The main reason for Italian being easy is that its phonetic. What it means is that it is pronounced the same way as it is written. Also both Italian and English share the same alphabet. Due to this learning how to read in Italian is an easy task for most learners. Italian and English both have Latin roots. As a result you will be able to guess the meaning of many Italian words. All these mentioned features makes Italian a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to challenge themselves too much.

4. Learn to Pronounce Your Favorite Foods Correctly.

Italian Foods

Did you know that everyone’s loved pasta and pizza originates from Italy? In fact when compared with other countries, Italy has one of the most fascinated kitchens around the world. Italians love for food can be reflected in their language as well. When compared with other languages, Italian has the largest number words to describe foods and restaurants.

Italian chefs are well known for traditional dishes like ravioli, pesto, risotto or carbonara. And who doesn’t like Italian deserts such as tiramisu, cannoli or zeppole? The same could be said about one of the kind traditional Italian coffee and wine.

Many people are obsessed and fascinated by Italian foods, hence they decide to learn Italian. This could be for a reason that they want to order dishes in Italian restaurants with confidence. Others simply want to know the meaning and etymology of their favorite food. Furthermore, Italian language knowledge can be especially needed for anyone who is planning to work as chef in Italy one day.

5. Get The Most from Your Visit in Italy.

Learn Italian for Traveling

One of the most common reasons to learn a foreign language is for traveling purposes. When traveling to Italy, in most cases it is possible to communicate with popular languages like English, German or French. Nevertheless knowing some essential Italian words and phrases can make your stay even more pleasant. As with any country, there are certain situations where local people are not willing to communicate in languages other than their own. When communicating with Italians in Italian, you will have better chances of understanding road directions, getting recommendations about places to visit & eat. Speaking Italian will also show respect for the people and their culture. Hence you can expect people to be nicer and more chatty.

Selecting Italy as your travel destination is definitely a wise choice. Beautiful landscapes, beaches, fascinating historical sites and tasty food are the main reasons why Italy is so likable among tourists. Based on statistics, it is in the 5-th place as the most visited country in the world by tourist arrivals.

6. Learning Languages is Good for Your Brain.

Learning Benefits for Brain

Understanding different foreign languages requires quite a lot effort from our brain. Hence learning new languages is some sort of exercise for brain. By regularly “exercising” we can expect to get benefits such as sharper mind and increased overall intelligence.

Various scientific studies have confirmed that learning a second language can be beneficial for our brains health. It improves our brains cognitive features such as memory and intelligence. Moreover language learning can help to minimize the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases. Also research indicates that it can have a positive effect on brain’s aging and slow down this process.

7. More Job and Business Opportunities.

More Job Opportunities With Italian

Considering working in Italy or Italian based company? In these cases learning Italian can increase your chances of getting your wanted job. Employees with both Italian and English language knowledge are more valuable and it can help to negotiate higher salary. This can be especially true when your job tittle requires direct contact with Italian consumers or colleagues.

People interested to invest in Italy or open a business there, should also consider learning Italian. Of course, it is possible to hire translator or local business adviser. Nevertheless it can be costly and your success will highly depend on other people. When doing business in a new country it is always a good idea to learn about the people, their culture and traditions. This way you can avoid mistakes and make better business decisions.

8. More Chances of Friendship and Love.

More Friendship Opportunities

When talking about Italians, they are usually described as very friendly, funny and kind individuals. Hence who wouldn’t want to have them as friends or even love partners? Based on statistics, about 30% of Italians are able to speak in English. While it is a large percentage, why take your chances? Learning Italian would give you more possibilities to meet new friends. Not only that, but you would be able to connect at a deeper lever and form closer friendships.

One good way to meet Italian speakers and maybe even future friends is to find language pal. There are many different language learning apps available today that can help you do just that. Most of these apps work in exchange principle. You help others to learn English and in exchange someone will assist you with Italian.

9. Italian is a Language of High Fashion World.

Italian Fashion

One of the first places that comes to mind when thinking about fashion is Milan. Many fashion enthusiasts or people working in this area consider this Italian city as a capital of fashion. It even has fashion week, which takes place twice a year. It was first established more than fifty years ago (1958) and even today it is one of the biggest events in fashion worldwide.

Italy is famous for its highly valued fashion brands such as Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and others. Due to high Italy’s importance in fashion many people who relate their career to fashion should consider learning Italian. Speaking this foreign language will come in handy for models, designers, art directors and others. Having Italian on CV can greatly enhance your chances of getting fashion related jobs worldwide.

10. Italian is Spoken in Multiple Countries.

Most people considering to learn Italian usually associate it only with Italy. Nevertheless, one should know that it has official language status in multiple countries. These include Vatican, San Marino and Switcerland (1 of 4-rth languages).

In addition to that, Italian is a commonly spoken language in some areas of Croatia, Malta and Slovenia. Hence learners who have an interest in one of these mentioned countries, should definitely consider studying Italian.

It also has an official language status in EU (European Union). Consequently learners who are seeking a career in EU institutions can benefit from knowing Italian.