Paul Noble Italian review.

About Paul Noble Italian Lessons.

Paul Noble is a language teacher based in London who has made audio based courses for languages like Italian, Spanish, German as well as French. Its method doesn’t rely on writing anything, learning lists of vocabulary or grammar rules. The instructor of these audios asks learners to be relaxed and he also encourages them to speak out load from the first lesson.

The whole format of these lessons is quite similar to most audio based courses. In each lesson Paul Noble explains some new concepts and then he asks listeners to say different phrases in Italian. After a small pause a correct answer is given by a native Italian speaker. Since Italian words & phrases are being pronounced by a native speaker Luisa, you will always hear a correct pronunciation in these audios.

Studying content in Paul Noble Italian course consists of 12 CD’s, which equals to about 13 hours of recording material. You will be able to transfer these audios to your preferred device, which makes learning more convenient while on the go. In addition to audio lessons Paul Noble also includes accompanying booklet. This booklet is a great reference guide for visual learners and it can help to increase your retention rate when studying Italian too.

Paul Noble method of teaching foreign languages has some familiarity with Michel Thomas. Hence these courses are being compared among learners and reviewers quite often. Usually Michel Thomas courses are being preferred by Italian learners who want to achieve advanced level in this language. This is because there are more parts and studying material available for Italian language. Paul Noble audios are usually chosen by Italian learners who have lower budget and who need only basics in this foreign language. Also Paul Noble doesn’t feature any students in his audios and all pronunciation of Italian phrases is being done by a native speaker. So with these lessons you will always hear proper pronunciation.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons of Paul Noble Italian.

The Main Pros:

  • Due to the fact that these audios are interactive, instructor of these lessons will constantly ask to say different phrases and words in Italian. This is definitely very useful since learners are encouraged to speak Italian from the start and it also helps to increase retention rate;
  • Since most of the studying material in Paul Noble course comes in a form of audios it is very convenient to study Italian via this course while on the go;
  • For visual Italian learners Paul Noble also includes accompanying booklet. This booklet is very useful as a reference guide and it also helps to increase retention rate;
  • Paul Noble uses native Italian speakers to pronounce words and phrases so you will be able to proper pronunciation all the time;
  • These audio lessons can be useful when preparing for a trip to Italy since most of Italian words & phrases that are being taught are essential;
  • Instructor of these audios gives quite a lot of associations between Italian and English. This way learners are able to recall new material easier and they feel more confident that they already know a lot in this foreign language. Paul Noble also encourages learners not to be afraid to make mistakes when studying, which increases confidence further;
  • New material in Paul Noble lessons is being repeated multiple times and in further lessons too so it is not too difficult to remember everything;
  • Paul Noble explanations on Italian language structure & grammar are very clear and logical so you will be able to progress with this foreign language quite easily;
  • These lessons are able to crease learning environment that is stress free. This is achieved by not requesting learners to remember grammar rules or lists of vocabulary;
  • In terms of price Paul Noble offers quite reasonably priced lessons (~70 USD) so it can be a suitable course for most Italian learners;

The Main Cons:

  • If you are more of a visual learner and you prefer to have some studying material in written form, you might find included booklet in Paul Noble course not sufficient;
  • In case you are learning Italian for academic purposes you will definitely need additional studying material to Paul Noble in order to learn Italian grammar properly;
  • If we would compare Paul Noble course to other Italian audio lessons in terms of engagement, it can be said that it is somewhere in the middle. These lessons are definitely less monotonic than Pimsleur; however they are also less engaging than Rocket or Michel Thomas audios.
  • It is quite difficult to immerse into Italian language while listening to these audios. This is because instructor of this course gives a lot of explanations & examples in English;
  • Learn Italian with Paul Noble contains about 13 hours of recorded material, which is mostly aimed at beginners. More advanced Italian learners should consider other courses since at the moment Paul Noble doesn’t offer any further studying material;
  • In each Paul Noble lesson you can expect to learn very limited number of new Italian phrases and words. Although it is a common problem with most audio based Italian courses;
  • This course doesn’t give too much information about Italian culture & traditions, which can be useful for travelers;

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

In overall, it can be said that Paul Noble lessons for teaching Italian have mostly positive reviews; however some people critique this course due to its similarity to Michel Thomas. Some other downsides that a few users of this course mention are that there is quite a lot of English language in these audios, each lesson introduces quite little new Italian words and phrases and it is mostly aimed for beginners of this foreign language.

Some of the most commonly mentioned strong sides of this course are that it teaches Italian in a very logical way, vocabulary & phrases are essential and it is easy to remember new learned material. Read a few consumer reviews of Paul Noble Italian course bellow.


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In Summary.

To conclude this review on Paul Noble Italian, it can be said that these lessons can be very beneficial for most learners. If you are just starting to learn Italian, Paul Noble can give a great introduction to the most essential Italian words & phrases, language structure and grammar concepts. Since Paul Noble method doesn’t rely on repetition or learning lists of vocabulary, the whole learning experience can be very stress free. New concepts are also being introduced and explained in a very logical way. So you will be able to recall everything without too much difficulty.

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While there are a lot of benefits of this Italian course, there are also a few limitations to keep in mind too. Other than Learn Italian with Paul Noble there are no further courses available for this foreign language. Since it contains only about 13 hours of studying material you will need to look for alternative studying material if you want to progress with Italian language further. A few other drawbacks of these lessons are little studying material included for visual learners and limited information on Italian culture. Although these are quite small disadvantages so if you don’t need to achieve advanced level in Italian language, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Paul Noble course.