Michel Thomas Italian review.

About Michel Thomas Italian Lessons.

Michel-Thomas-MethodMichel Thomas audio lessons are a popular way to learn foreign language fast and it is available for more than 12 languages including Italian. The main studying material in Michel Thomas course are audio lessons so audible Italian learners can definitely prefer this course.

Teaching approach of this course is based on idea that you do not need to try to memorize words or phrases when you are learning a new language. Instead a learner should be able to recall most of the material when it is broken down into very small and easy to understand parts. Later on you will be able to construct phrases from these small parts and this way start to speak in a new language.

The other thing to know about Michel Thomas lessons is that there are two students recorded in the audios too so it makes you feel as if you are sitting in the class. These students are complete beginners at Italian too, so you would be learning this new foreign language together with them.

What Courses Are Offered?

Michel Thomas offers a total of four different courses for people who want to learn Italian language. In case you are already familiar with these audio lessons and you know what to expect from them you can skip the first part of the course, which is Start. This is because there is only one lesson included in this part so it is mostly aimed at people who want to try this method without spending too much money and see whether it works for them or not. The whole lesson lasts for one hour and you can expect to learn about 50 new words and how to put them together in sentences.

You can find the same lesson included in the next part of Michel Thomas course, which is called Total. This part consists of about 12 hours of recorded audio material, two hours of vocabulary help and it is aimed at people who are just starting to learn Italian. After completing this part of the course you will be able to speak in Italian with a confidence.

The next course from Michel Thomas is called Perfect and it should be taken by people who have already finished Total audio lessons. It includes additional 9 hours of recorded material and 3 hours of vocabulary help. After you will finish these lessons you will further improve your speaking skills, understand better the whole verb and language system.

The last available course of Michel Thomas for Italian learners is called MasterClass. It includes additional two hours of lectures that are given by Michel Thomas. The main aim of this part is to help you achieve speaking level similar to the one of a local speaker.

You should also know that both Perfect and Total courses come with additional program that you can install on your computer. This program includes different exercises that will help you improve your reading and writing skills. So it is a great additional tool for people who want to learn how to write and read in Italian too.

What do Consumer Reviews Say?

It can be said that most reviews of Michel Thomas Italian course that you can find online are positive. Majority of people who try these audio lessons enjoy learning via this unique approach and are able to recall what they have learned.

Despite that there are also a few negative reviews saying that this course is too fast or sometimes it is too difficult to understand the speakers. Read a few actual user reviews of Michel Thomas Italian bellow.


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Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • In case you want to try Michel Thomas course and see how its method works you can get a sample Italian lesson on official page of this course;
  • Due to the fact that Michel Thomas is mostly an audio based course, you will not need to spend extra time near your computer and will be able to learn almost all material while on the go;
  • Since there are two Italian students present in these recordings, you can learn a lot from the mistakes they do and also boost your confidence when you know more than they do;
  • You do not need force yourself to learn boring grammar rules or lists of vocabulary with Michel Thomas course, because you will be able to recall most of the material. All this is achieved by introducing you to Italian language in very small parts that you can easily understand;
  • Michel Thomas explanations make it easy to understand basic grammar rules and the whole Italian language structure;
  • While this course doesn’t do as much repetition as Pimsleur, it will be enough for most Italian learners to remember words and phrases in the lessons;
  • Michel Thomas free App is available for learners who want to learn Italian via their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices;
  • This course can be very advantageous for travelers because it teaches Italian words and phrases that are essential while getting around in a foreign country;

Main Cons:

  • While there is a computer program included for practicing Italian writing and speaking, it’s kind of basic and doesn’t compare to neither Rocket nor Rosetta Stone exercises that are present in these courses;
  • In case you are a fast learner, two Italian students that are present in these recording might be a bit annoying since they make this course slower;
  • These lessons are more focused on teaching you how to speak Italian, so you will need more material in case you want to learn grammar, reading or writing properly;
  • Most of the time speakers in these audios speak in English so this course doesn’t allow you to fully immerse into Italian language;
  • Michel Thomas Italian is quite expensive considering the fact that it is mostly an audio based Italian course and it doesn’t offer much additional studying material.

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Michel Thomas audio lessons can be a great way to learn Italian language for certain type of learners. If you are an audible learner these audio recording will help you build this language from scratch by better understanding grammar & language structure and by improving your vocabulary and speaking skills. Michel Thomas are suitable not only for complete beginners, but also for more advanced learners since there are 3 main parts of this course available for Italian (Perfect, Total and Masterclass).

However if you are a visual learner it is best to choose courses like Fluenz or Rocket since they are more interactive, they offer more visual Italian studying material and features. Also due to beginner students present Michel Thomas lessons you will not always hear correct Italian pronunciation.

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Where to Buy Michel Thomas Italian Courses?

buy-Michel-Thomas-ItalianIn case you have already decided to buy one of Michel Thomas courses you can easily buy it on iTunes, Amazon, Barne’s & Noble or a few other retailers.

The price of these audio lessons will depend on how many levels you will choose to buy. For instance you can buy a Start course for as little as ~$12 and more advanced parts are priced at ~$100 additionally on Amazon.

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