Living Language Italian review.

About Living Language Italian.

Living-Language-ItalianLiving Language Method for teaching foreign languages was developed more than 60 years ago. Hence it is a well-tested and effective program for learning Italian. The whole teaching approach of Living Language is based on 4 main strategies. These include teaching essential vocabulary and phrases, providing detailed explanations on grammar, offering studying content via different multimedia and also introducing new language in small steps.

Due to the fact that Living Language offers different multimedia (visual, written, recorded material) to study from, it helps learners to remember a new language easier. Furthermore learners can practice Italian through different angles. The other aspect of this course is that each lesson in this course builds on each other (Building Block Approach). Consequently you can construct more and more complicated Italian sentences once these lessons progress. Also Living Language pays quite a lot of attention to grammar of a new language. This is a useful feature because learners are not just learning lists of phrases or words, but they are actually able to understand Italian language and how it is structured. One more teaching aspect of Living Language approach is that in the beginning it introduces the most essential Italian vocabulary and phrases. This is helpful because learners are able to communicate in a new language faster.

It can be said that Living Language is a preferred course by learners who enjoy learning through books and need detailed explanations on grammar. This is mainly because the most popular series from Living Language (Complete) offers studying content in a form of books. Also it provides quite a lot of material for learning Italian grammar. Of course there are different editions available from Living Language, so this course can be suitable for other Italian learners too.

What Courses are Available?

Learners of Italian can choose from three different courses offered by Living Language. The first one is called Essential. As the name itself suggest it is mostly aimed at learners who only want to learn some basics of this language. This edition of Living Language includes 3 audio CD’s, 1 coursebook (10 lessons) and a free access to online features such as games, flashcards and quizzes.

In case your goal is to achieve a bit more advanced level in Italian you should consider Complete edition of this course from the beginning. This is because it contains three times more material when compared to Essential version and it is priced only at $49.99. The material in Living Language Complete course consists of 9 audio CD’s, 3 coursebooks (46 lessons) and online learning. So it can be said that based on material included and price it is definitely more cost efficient to buy Complete edition from Living Language.

The third course offered by Living Language is Platinum. It offers the same material as Complete edition, but with some additional features. One of these features is a possibility to schedule online tutoring sessions with a private tutor. This can be quite useful when you need personal support while learning. Other features in Platinum course are mobile app (study while on the go) and access to online community (communicate with other learners or native Italian speakers). Whether it is worthwhile to consider Platinum edition rather than other courses offered by Living Language (Essential and Complete) depends on your budget ($161.1) and whether you need more advanced features while studying or not.

What do Consumer Reviews Say?

When it comes to consumer reviews of Living Language Italian course, it can be said that they are very positive. Most users compliment this course because it includes clear grammar explanations, provides a lot of material to study from and it is also very reasonably priced (Complete edition).

A few negative things that some users of Living Language mention are that it is not the best course for learning essential Italian vocabulary & phrases that are needed while traveling. Also some users mention that online features lack engagement at times. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Living Language Italian lessons bellow.

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Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • It can be said that Living Language includes sufficient material to learn Italian grammar properly. So with this program you will not need to spend additional money on grammar books;
  • Due to the fact that Living Language teaching method is based on different multimedia (visual, recorded and written material), it is suitable course for both audible and visual learners. Also by studying from different multimedia, you can greatly boost your learning efficiency;
  • Living Language teaches Italian vocabulary & phrases that you would actually use in real life situations so you can start participating in conversations fast;
  • It can be said that Living Language offers a complete program for learning Italian since you can improve all aspects of this language (writing, grammar, speaking as well as listening).
  • More needy Italian learners can choose Platinum edition of Living Language. It offers some great features for studying like online sessions with a tutor or access to online community. Also this version of a course includes a mobile app so you can learn on the go;
  • If you are interested in knowing more about Italian culture, you will find some useful content included in the lessons for that too;
  • Taking in consideration all the material & features included, it can be said that Living Language Italian courses are very reasonably priced (price range from $23 to $161);

The Main Cons:

  • In case your primary goal is to learn how to speak Italian with a good accent, Living Language might be not the best online program for you. Even though it includes audios where you can hear proper Italian pronunciation, they are not interactive. Also this course doesn’t offer any advanced features for practicing your speaking skills like Rosetta Stone or Rocket courses do (voice recording & comparison features);
  • When compared to Rosetta Stone and Rocket courses, it can be said that Living Language online features are a bit less engaging. Also these features don’t have advanced tracking so it is a bit more difficult to follow your progress with Italian language;
  • Even though Living Language teaches mostly essential Italian vocabulary, it is definitely not the fastest way to learn conversational phrases for traveling purposes;
  • If you will choose standard courses from Living Language (not online version), it might be a bit difficult to study Italian while on the move. While these courses have audios CD’s, the main studying content comes in a form of books;

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that a lot of Italian learners can benefit greatly from a course like Living Language. One of the biggest benefits of this program is that it is priced very cheaply considering all the material that is included in this course. The other advantage of this program is that there is no guessing involved while learning from Living Language courses. This is because there are clear explanations provided on all aspects of Italian (grammar, language structure and etc.). Also since this course teaches Italian through different multimedia (books, audios, online features) learners are less likely to get bored and they will be able to learn more efficiently in general. So if you are looking for a course that would have all these mentioned features, Living Language courses can definitely be a great learning tool for you.

Before considering one of Living Language courses for learning Italian it is also important to keep in mind a few limitations of this course. As it was mentioned earlier Living Language courses might be not the best choice for travelers who only need to learn some quick conversational phrases. This would also apply to learners those primary goal is to learn how to speak & understand Italian. In case Living Language teaching approach is not suitable for your learning style or offered features are not sufficient, you should also check this article. It provides a list of other online programs that are aimed at teaching Italian.

Where to buy Living Language Italian Courses?

buy-Living-Language-Italian-CompleteIf you have already decided to buy one of Living Language courses for learning Italian there are a few places where you can order it. At the moment it is possible to purchase this course from official page or websites like Amazon.

The cheapest course from Living Language is Essential, which is priced between $23-$16 and you can buy Complete edition for as little as $49.95. In case you have a bigger budget for learning Italian it might be also worthwhile to consider Platinum edition, which will provide you with more features while studying.

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