Instant Immersion Italian review.

About Instant Immersion Italian.

Instant Immersion programs are available for studying more than hundred different languages and Italian is among them. It is a software based learning program that you install on your computer and it teaches Italian through immersion type of exercises. Since this program follows immersion type of teaching, it means that you will find very little English in Instant Immersion software. Most workouts in this program are image based so you can guess the meaning of Italian words or phrases through situations showed in the pictures.

It can be said that the main goal of Instant Immersion is to teach learners how to communicate in Italian. This means that this program doesn’t pay too much attention to grammar and instead it teaches users how to speak and understand the language. So with a help of this software you will be able to learn the most needed Italian phrases and vocabulary to get around in Italy or other country.

At the moment there are 3 different levels offered for learners of Italian. The first two levels of Instant Immersion teach basic Italian words and phrases associated with shopping, colors, food, travel, hotels and etc. so this program can be perfectly suitable for complete beginners at Italian. Within 3-rd level of this course workouts and studying material becomes more complex so studying material becomes more challenging even for more advanced Italian learners. It is also worthwhile to mention that Instant Immersion includes bonus studying material covering vocabulary associated with business. This can definitely come in handy for people who are learning Italian for business or career purposes.

In addition to the main software Instant Immersion also offers & includes supplementary features and Italian studying material. In order to enable users of this program to study on the go too, Instant Immersion includes small pocket size phrasebook, audio lessons and companion app. In audio recordings you will hear native speakers, so you will be able to learn how to pronounce essential Italian words correctly. All lessons includes about 10 hours of recorded material, so that is quite a lot of studying material to cover.

The other quite useful feature in Instant Immersion program is ability to record pronunciation of Italian words & phrases and then compare it with a native speaker. So not only will you be encouraged to speak Italian, but you will be able to check if you are doing that similarly to Italian speaker. Also Instant Immersion offers interactive game that can be used on your TV. This type of feature can be quite useful for reinforcing previously learned material.

Instant Immersion vs Rosetta Stone Italian.

Since teaching method of Instant Immersion is quite similar to Rosetta Stone, both of these softwares tend to be compared between each other quite a lot. In fact one of the main advertising claims of Instant Immersion is that it is as good as Rosetta Stone, only cheaper. The claim that it is significantly cheaper is definitely true (at least 3 times cheaper); but it would be quite difficult to confirm the other part of the claim.

When comparing these softwares it is important to keep in mind that Rosetta Stone offers 5 levels for Italian learners while Instant Immersion only three. Also online version of Rosetta Stone offers more studying features like ability to study via different devices, e-tutoring, ability to play games with other learners and more. So larger price can be partly justified by these additional features and more levels to study a new language. If we would compare downloadable version of Rosetta Stone and Instant Immersion, these studying programs offer more or less the same features and Italian studying material.

What do User Reviews Say?

It can be said that in general consumer reviews of Instant Immersion Italian course are quite positive and most learners find this software useful for learning a new language. They compliment reasonable price of this Italian program and also that it includes a lot of studying material.

However some users point out a few downsides of this Italian learning program too. These include lack of explanations on Italian language structure & grammar, limited ability to study on the move and etc. Read a few actual user testimonials of Instant Immersion Italian program bellow.


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Review of The Main Pros and Cons of Instant Immersion Italian.

The Main Pros:

  • Instant Immersion can be very useful program for building vocabulary in a new language. You will learn mostly essential Italian words and phrases and vocabulary is also being grouped based on different topics so you can choose what and when to study;
  • Different forms of studying material and engaging workouts in Instant Immersion software makes learning Italian not too monotonic;
  • Since exercises in Instant Immersion are based on points it is easy to follow your progress with this learning software. Also advanced tracking allows you to pick up studying exactly where you last left the program;
  • Due to the fact that studying material in this program comes in different forms (audios, computer based workouts & flashcards, written context and etc.), Instant Immersion can be suitable for different types of Italian learners (visual and audible);
  • Features like Voice Recording and audio lessons (recorded by native speakers) that are included in Instant Immersion will ensure that you are learning proper Italian pronunciation;
  • You will be able to recall new learned material from Instant Immersion without too much difficulty since this software does sufficient repetition through various workouts and studying activities;
  • Instant Immersion is partnered with iTalki, which offers online tutoring. 30 minutes free e-tutoring is included with this software and if you need more you can purchase additional credits too;
  • It is quite easy to immerse into Italian when studying via Instant Immersion since there is not much English language included in the program;
  • While initially Instant Immersion is a computer based program it is still possible to study via this course while on the go. Supplementary material like audio lessons, phrasebook and app (for the 1-st level) will allow you to learn Italian whenever you go;
  • This software comes with unlimited licenses so you can install it on multiple PC’s and study Italian together with your friends or family members;
  • The price for the newest edition of Instant Immersion software varies between 49.95-59.99 USD, which is quite reasonable compared with competitor Italian programs and all the studying material included;

The Main Cons:

  • While there are 3 levels of this program available for Italian, it is mostly oriented for beginners at this foreign language. Due to this more advanced Italian learners might find Instant Immersion software as not very useful studying material;
  • Since Instant Immersion is a computer based program it might be not very suitable for busy Italian learners. While there is some studying material that can be used on the go (audios, phrasebook and companion app for the first level), it doesn’t quite compare to online based learning programs;
  • Instant Immersion doesn’t provide its users with any social features (forums, ability to communicate with other Italian learners or tutor). These kinds of features can be very useful if you need any help when studying or you simply want to find new friends who are also interested in learning this foreign language;
  • If you don’t have previous Italian learning experience or supplementary studying material it might be quite difficult to progress in a new language by only using this program. This is mainly because Instant Immersion doesn’t provide any explanations on Italian language structure, tenses or other grammar aspects;
  • While Instant Immersion includes Voice Recording & Comparison it is not as advanced as Rosetta Stones Speech Recognition feature, which gives instant feedback on your Italian pronunciation;

In Summary.

To summarize the Main Pros and Cons of Instant Immersion it be said that this Italian studying program can work only for some learners. Immersion type of workouts in this software can be useful for repeating or learning new Italian vocabulary. Furthermore this program can be quite beneficial for people who only need to learn the most essential phrases for traveling purposes. Also if you have some other studying material available, Instant Immersion can be a great supplementary studying course.

However it might be quite difficult to progress with this software alone if you don’t have previous Italian learning experience or you don’t have other studying resources. Since Instant Immersion doesn’t teach language structure or other grammar related areas, users of this program need to figure out this on their own. Also learners who are studying Italian for academic purposes and need to learn all aspects of this foreign language (grammar, writing and etc.) might find Instant Immersion as not very useful studying tool. In these cases it might be worthwhile to consider alternative Italian studying programs.

Where to buy Instant Immersion Italian Program?

buy-instant-immersion-italian-programIf you have already decided to try Instant Immersion software for learning Italian there are a few different websites where you can buy it. Some of the options would be official page of this software or popular retailers like Amazon or EBay.

Depending on the edition you will choose, the price can be either lower or higher. At the moment you can purchase this years’ latest edition with all possible features and 3 levels for Italian language for as little as 59.99 USD.

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