Fluenz Italian Software review.

About Fluenz Italian Program.

Fluenz can be still considered quite a new language software since it only offers to study more popular languages like Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian and etc. Unlike Rosetta Stone or other immersion type learning software, Fluenz emphasizes the fact that explanations are very important when learning new languages. Therefore you will get explanations in English after each dialogue, which will explain pronunciation, grammar rules and other aspects of Italian language. A video instructor will guide you step by step through all material, so it can be said that learning via Fluenz is quite similar experience to having a private tutor.

The main learning material of this course is a dialogue between native speakers. After hearing this conversation, you will get detailed explanations from Sonia Gill (video based instructor). There will be also quite a lot of exercises you will need to complete in order to pin down what you already learned in the lessons. Some of these workouts are aimed at checking your listening & writing skills while others are focused on improving your reading and speaking skills.

Review of The Main Features.

fluenz-italian-featuresAt the moment there are a total of 5 levels of Fluenz available for those who want to study Italian. This is a great benefit since new learners can learn much more and more advanced users can start from 3-5th level and save some money. Each level includes 30 lessons, so there are a total of 150 sessions included in Fluenz software. To complete one lesson of Fluenz it might be necessary to spend even up to 2 hours of your time. Of course this time can vary based on your learning speed and how much you need to repeat & practice new studying content.

In order to help learners recall studying content easier, Fluenz provides Italian learners with different workouts that will allow to practice a new language from different angles. Some of these exercises test your Italian writing skills, while others ask to participate in a role play or you need to match Italian phrases with their meanings. Flashcards is another feature of Fluenz that can be used for practice and repetition. It is worthwhile to mention that these flashcards allows customization. You can select to generate them from particular lessons and also based on their type (requires writing, old school or random). So with so many different activities in Fluenz, you can be sure that with sufficient practice you will be able to recall studying content from this Italian learning program.

fluenz-italian-vocabularyWhen studying via Fluenz program you can expect to learn Italian phrases & words that are essential while traveling. Some of the vocabulary topics that this course cover are ordering food, numbers, navigation via public transport, talking about work or studies and much more. In most cases each lesson of Fluenz concentrates on a specific topic and you can expect to learn 3-5 new phrases in each of them. While it might seem like not much, it is important to keep in mind that Fluenz gives quite a lot of explanations on Italian language structure and grammar. So at least you can be sure that you will be able to recall new learning material and be able to progress in Italian confidently.

The other feature that many users of Fluenz might find beneficial is ability to turn on and off subtitles. When listening to dialogues in Fluenz, you will have the option to see English, English & Italian and no subtitles. So in the beginning it might be a good idea to turn on subtitles so that you would be able to understand each part of conversation easier. And in case you will want to improve your Italian comprehension skills, you can simply turn all subtitles off. While it is a simple learning feature, it helps to customize Fluenz based on your Italian studying needs.

fluenz-italian-programFluenz can be a great choice studying program even for those Italian learners who are busy and can’t spend much additional time near their computer. Together with the main studying program, you will also get additional audios. These audios supplement the main studying content in Fluenz lessons and they can help to improve your Italian speaking and comprehension skills even further. Since you will be able to transfer these audios to your preferred device, you will be able to study Italian on the move. To make learning on the go possible and more convenient, studying content in Fluenz can also be accessed via different devices. You will be able to install Fluenz software on your computer and study Italian offline. The other options would be to access studying content online or download app and learn via iPhone, iPad or any other supporting device. With so many different learning options available, you will sure be able to find just a little time to study Italian everyday.

What Do Other Peoples Reviews Say?

In general it could be said that user reviews of Fluenz software are positive no matter which foreign language you will choose to study. Most users are happy about this learning program, because they are able to access studying content via different devices and in depth explanations by instructor are helpful when progressing in Italian. Also different workouts in Fluenz make learning more engaging and help learners to memorize new vocabulary easier.

Some of the most commonly mentioned downsides of Fluenz are that instructor of video lessons is not a native Italian speaker and that the whole program is quite expensive. Also some learners point out that each lesson of Fluenz introduce only little new vocabulary & studying content. Read a few actual user reviews of Fluenz Italian bellow.


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Review of The Main Benefits and Drawbacks.

Bellow I made a few points that I liked and didn’t about Fluenz software; however it is based on my personal experience so you might agree or disagree with some of them.

Main Benefits:

  • There are five levels of Fluenz available for Italian, so it can be suitable for beginners and more advanced learners;
  • This course mostly introduce travelers vocabulary, so if you are learning Italian for traveling purposes with Fluenz you will be able to learn the most needed words and phrases to get around in a foreign country;
  • Some culture points are provided in the sessions, which can be a great additional benefit for those who want to find out more about Italians and their culture;
  • Fluenz software comes together with accompanying audios that can be helpful when studying Italian on the go. Also learners can accessed learning material in Fluenz via different devices so it is possible study whenever you are;
  • Fluenz program is easy and intuitive to use. Also each lesson includes beautiful photos that were specifically selected for Italian language, which makes learning more engaging;
  • Each session in Fluenz comes with explanations in English language, so that it would be easier to understand Italian grammar, language structure, vocabulary and etc.
  • Various workouts and features in this software make it quite enjoyable way of learning a new language. Also since you will be studying Italian via different activities, you will be able to improve your overall learning efficiency;
  • Since Fluenz does quite a lot of repetition, you do not need to go through the same lessons many times. Also this program includes workouts & flashcards, so you will be able to practice new studying content and improve your overall retention rate;
  • All your learning activity is fully recorded in Fluenz, so you will always be able to continue studying Italian where you last left;

Main Drawbacks:

  • Some learers might find too little social features in this software (only a forum). For instance Rosetta Stone online version allows you to participate in live sessions with a tutor, play games with other learners and etc.
  • Although the price for the whole course has dropped significantly in the past year ($358 for all 5 levels) it is still quite a huge investment to make. Since it is too expensive to buy levels separately, you kind of feel obligated to buy all five levels from the start. So it is quite huge cash burden in one day;
  • Although explanations are a huge benefit to this course, sometimes they take quite a lot of time. Since you will be hearing quite a lot of English, it might be difficult to immerse into Italian language fully;
  • For my learning style, Fluenz has too little learning material in written form. It would be great to have some grammar rules written so that you would be able to find what you are looking for faster. Off course, you can always make your own notes while watching the videos;
  • Some workouts in Fluenz are quite basic and others require you to type a lot. However if you are determined to complete them, they are quite helpful in pinning material you learned on the course;
  • In each lesson of Fluenz you will be able to learn little new Italian vocabulary. So even after finishing all parts of this program, your Italian level will be still quite limited;
  • Since instructor of these lessons is not a native Italian speaker, you will not always hear correct accent with Fluenz;

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that if you have a budget for learning Italian, Fluenz is definitely worth your consideration. Various activities in this software will make your Italian learning experience less monotonic and more effective. Detailed explanations in this program are useful for understanding all aspects of Italian, so you will be able to progress in a new language fast and confidently. Since there are up to 5 levels of Fluenz available so it can be suitable program for both total beginners and more advanced users. Also all studying content in this learning program can be accessed via different devices and there are some supplementary audios included. So with Fluenz you will be able to study Italian whenever you are and even by having limited time.

Despite many advantages of Fluenz, there are a few limitations of this Italian learning software as well. Since each session of Fluenz does repetition of previous studying content and provides in depth explanations, very little new vocabulary and context is being introduced lessons. So even after finishing all parts of Fluenz, your knowledge in a new language will be still limited. Furthermore explanations in Fluenz are done not by a native speaker so you might not always hear good accent. Also this program lacks social features that can be preferred by some Italian learners.

Based on my learning experience, Fluenz and Rocket are some of the best programs for those who want to study Italian language on their own. To find out what other courses are available for learning Italian read this article. It lists 6 online language courses & programs that are rated highly by learners and points out their main strong and weak sides.

Where to buy Fluenz Italian Courses?buy-fluenz-italian

In case you will decide that Fluenz is the right Italian learning tool for you, you can buy this software on Amazon or official website. The prices are usually the same in both of these sites, so there is no large difference from where to buy it.

The most cost efficient offer for Fluenz Italian software, is to buy all five levels in the bundle. Currently they are priced at $348. If you can’t spend that much money at a time, there is also a possibility to buy levels separately or in sets of 1-3 and 3-5 levels. Although the price doesn’t change much, it might be worthwhile to consider 3-5 level set for learners who are already familiar with Italian.

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