Living Language Italian review.

About Living Language Italian.

Living-Language-ItalianLiving Language Method for teaching foreign languages was developed more than 60 years ago. Hence it is a well-tested and effective program for learning Italian. The whole teaching approach of Living Language is based on 4 main strategies. These include teaching essential vocabulary and phrases, providing detailed explanations on grammar, offering studying content via different multimedia and also introducing new language in small steps.

Due to the fact that Living Language offers different multimedia (visual, written, recorded material) to study from, it helps learners to remember a new language easier. Furthermore learners can practice Italian through different angles. The other aspect of this course is that each lesson in this course builds on each other (Building Block Approach). Consequently you can construct more and more complicated Italian sentences once these lessons progress. Also Living Language pays quite a lot of attention to grammar of a new language. This is a useful feature because learners are not just learning lists of phrases or words, but they are actually able to understand Italian language and how it is structured. One more teaching aspect of Living Language approach is that in the beginning it introduces the most essential Italian vocabulary and phrases. This is helpful because learners are able to communicate in a new language faster.

It can be said that Living Language is a preferred course by learners who enjoy learning through books and need detailed explanations on grammar. This is mainly because the most popular series from Living Language (Complete) offers studying content in a form of books. Also it provides quite a lot of material for learning Italian grammar. Of course there are different editions available from Living Language, so this course can be suitable for other Italian learners too.

What Courses are Available?

Learners of Italian can choose from three different courses offered by Living Language. The first one is called Essential. As the name itself suggest it is mostly aimed at learners who only want to learn some basics of this language. This edition of Living Language includes 3 audio CD’s, 1 coursebook (10 lessons) and a free access to online features such as games, flashcards and quizzes.

In case your goal is to achieve a bit more advanced level in Italian you should consider Complete edition of this course from the beginning. This is because it contains three times more material when compared to Essential version and it is priced only at $49.99. The material in Living Language Complete course consists of 9 audio CD’s, 3 coursebooks (46 lessons) and online learning. So it can be said that based on material included and price it is definitely more cost efficient to buy Complete edition from Living Language.

The third course offered by Living Language is Platinum. It offers the same material as Complete edition, but with some additional features. One of these features is a possibility to schedule online tutoring sessions with a private tutor. This can be quite useful when you need personal support while learning. Other features in Platinum course are mobile app (study while on the go) and access to online community (communicate with other learners or native Italian speakers). Whether it is worthwhile to consider Platinum edition rather than other courses offered by Living Language (Essential and Complete) depends on your budget ($161.1) and whether you need more advanced features while studying or not.

What do Consumer Reviews Say?

When it comes to consumer reviews of Living Language Italian course, it can be said that they are very positive. Most users compliment this course because it includes clear grammar explanations, provides a lot of material to study from and it is also very reasonably priced (Complete edition).

A few negative things that some users of Living Language mention are that it is not the best course for learning essential Italian vocabulary & phrases that are needed while traveling. Also some users mention that online features lack engagement at times. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Living Language Italian lessons bellow.

For more user reviews of Living Language Italian course visit Amazon website here.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • It can be said that Living Language includes sufficient material to learn Italian grammar properly. So with this program you will not need to spend additional money on grammar books;
  • Due to the fact that Living Language teaching method is based on different multimedia (visual, recorded and written material), it is suitable course for both audible and visual learners. Also by studying from different multimedia, you can greatly boost your learning efficiency;
  • Living Language teaches Italian vocabulary & phrases that you would actually use in real life situations so you can start participating in conversations fast;
  • It can be said that Living Language offers a complete program for learning Italian since you can improve all aspects of this language (writing, grammar, speaking as well as listening).
  • More needy Italian learners can choose Platinum edition of Living Language. It offers some great features for studying like online sessions with a tutor or access to online community. Also this version of a course includes a mobile app so you can learn on the go;
  • If you are interested in knowing more about Italian culture, you will find some useful content included in the lessons for that too;
  • Taking in consideration all the material & features included, it can be said that Living Language Italian courses are very reasonably priced (price range from $23 to $161);

The Main Cons:

  • In case your primary goal is to learn how to speak Italian with a good accent, Living Language might be not the best online program for you. Even though it includes audios where you can hear proper Italian pronunciation, they are not interactive. Also this course doesn’t offer any advanced features for practicing your speaking skills like Rosetta Stone or Rocket courses do (voice recording & comparison features);
  • When compared to Rosetta Stone and Rocket courses, it can be said that Living Language online features are a bit less engaging. Also these features don’t have advanced tracking so it is a bit more difficult to follow your progress with Italian language;
  • Even though Living Language teaches mostly essential Italian vocabulary, it is definitely not the fastest way to learn conversational phrases for traveling purposes;
  • If you will choose standard courses from Living Language (not online version), it might be a bit difficult to study Italian while on the move. While these courses have audios CD’s, the main studying content comes in a form of books;

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that a lot of Italian learners can benefit greatly from a course like Living Language. One of the biggest benefits of this program is that it is priced very cheaply considering all the material that is included in this course. The other advantage of this program is that there is no guessing involved while learning from Living Language courses. This is because there are clear explanations provided on all aspects of Italian (grammar, language structure and etc.). Also since this course teaches Italian through different multimedia (books, audios, online features) learners are less likely to get bored and they will be able to learn more efficiently in general. So if you are looking for a course that would have all these mentioned features, Living Language courses can definitely be a great learning tool for you.

Before considering one of Living Language courses for learning Italian it is also important to keep in mind a few limitations of this course. As it was mentioned earlier Living Language courses might be not the best choice for travelers who only need to learn some quick conversational phrases. This would also apply to learners those primary goal is to learn how to speak & understand Italian. In case Living Language teaching approach is not suitable for your learning style or offered features are not sufficient, you should also check this article. It provides a list of other online programs that are aimed at teaching Italian.

Where to buy Living Language Italian Courses?

buy-Living-Language-Italian-CompleteIf you have already decided to buy one of Living Language courses for learning Italian there are a few places where you can order it. At the moment it is possible to purchase this course from official page or websites like Amazon.

The cheapest course from Living Language is Essential, which is priced between $23-$16 and you can buy Complete edition for as little as $49.95. In case you have a bigger budget for learning Italian it might be also worthwhile to consider Platinum edition, which will provide you with more features while studying.

Visit the official page of Living Language Italian.

Assimil Italian review.

About Assimil Italian Method.

Assimil courses tend to be more popular in Europe since they are being released by French based company. If we would compare Assimil to other language learning courses, it can be said that its teaching approach is quite different. This is mainly because Assimil introduces new language in full sentences & dialogues and it doesn’t try to divide it into smaller parts. This way learners are able to notice patterns in a new language on their own. This approach is useful, because Italian words are not being taken out of context. Additionally learners are able to see how this language is being used in full conversations. Of course, this also means that it might take more time to learn essential Italian words and phrases.

One of the most popular courses offered by Assimil for Italian learners is called Italian With Ease. This particular course contains 4 audio CD’s (~3 hours of recorded material) and one book (105 lessons). Each lesson of Assimil contains a short dialogue in Italian. Besides there is also a translation of this conversation in English provided on the other side of the page. In addition to that there are also some notes provided in each lesson. They will explain grammar rules and new concepts that are being used in these dialogues. It can be said that these series are aimed at complete beginners of Italian. By finishing an entire course you can expect to achieve high-intermediate level at this foreign language and learn ~2000-3000 words.

One quite unique feature of Assimil method is that there are two different phases of this course. The first half of the book follows a passive phase. This means that learners only need to read dialogues & notes that are provided and listen to the audios. The second half of the book follows active phase. In addition to listening and reading you will also need to complete exercises and there are reviews provided on the previous material. So it can be said that active phase is a bit more challenging. It can help to boost your general studying efficiency and retention.

What Do User Reviews Say?

If you will spend time reading user reviews of Assimil Italian, you would find mostly positive feedback. Most learners compliment this program, because it teaches phrases and words that are practical. Hence you can start taking part in conversations quite quickly. Also most people are happy about the price of this program since it includes quite a lot of material to study from.

One of the most commonly mentioned drawback of this course is that provided notes at the end of a lesson are not sufficient to learn Italian grammar properly. So you would either need supplementary material or previous Italian learning experience. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Assimil Italian course bellow.


For more consumer testimonials of Assimil Italian visit Amazon page here.

Review of the Main Strong and Weak Sides.

Strong Sides:

  • Assimil has quite positive feedback from Italian learners. It is a good proof that this method is effective and this course contains quality content;
  • It is not too difficult to immerse into Italian language while using Assimil course. This is because audio CD’s are only in the target language and although there are English explanations provided in the coursebook, it is not too much;
  • This course provides learners with practical Italian words and sentences from the beginning so you can start taking part in basic conversations quite fast;
  • Both visual and audible learners can benefit from Assimil course since it includes visual and audio material to study Italian from;
  • Even though each lesson of this course is quite short, it includes quite a lot of new vocabulary so after completing Italian With Ease your vocabulary will consists of 2000-3000 words;
  • While there is not too much explanations or English language in this course, provided notes are enough to understand grammar and new concepts that are being used in the dialogues;
  • One unique feature of Assimil Method is that teaches new language by introducing you to full sentences of Italian instead of separate words, so you can understand how this language works and notice patterns on your own;
  • You can learn correct Italian pronunciation from these lessons since letters in words that need to be stressed are bolded. In addition to that speakers in the audios are native so you can learn how to talk Italian with a good accent. Also by listening to native speakers you will be able to train your ear to this language, which in turn allow you to communicate with real Italians easier;
  • Assimil is quite a suitable Italian course for busy learners, since you can complete one lesson within just 30-60 minutes. So by dedicating one hour of your time daily you can complete Italian With Ease within just 3 month time.

Weak Sides:

  • Assimil provides learners with basic explanations on grammar. Nevertheless you would definitely need more material in order to learn it properly;
  • There is only one part of Assimil available for Italian learners (Italian With Ease). More advanced levels only comes in French language (not in English);
  • Assimil provides learners with very little culture information. This can be seen as a downside by some Italian learners;
  • It can be said that competitor courses like Rocket or Fluenz offer more advanced features for studying Italian. Also they are more convenient to study while on the go;
  • Since material in Assimil course is very text based, you will not find any colorful pictures in the book. Also this course lacks games or other similar features that would make Italian learning more engaging and fun;
  • Italian With Ease is not very expensive book (~$50-$90). Nevertheless courses like Living Language offers even more material to study from. Also these series are priced even lower (less than $50 for Complete edition);

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that there are a lot of benefits of Assimil Italian course and also a few drawbacks. Some of the strengths of this course are that it teaches practical vocabulary that can be used in everyday situations. Also gammar is explained through examples so you can understand it naturally. The other benefit of these lessons is that it offers quality audios with native speakers in them. Hence you can perfect your pronunciation and train your ear to Italian language.

When we compare Assimil to similar Italian Learning Programs it can be said that it is not the most convenient course to study while on the go. Furthermore there are no advanced features for tracking your progress. Also some learners might find this course too monotonic and not engaging enough to follow. Besides Assimil doesn’t include sufficient workouts for practicing Italian. So it might be difficult to keep retention rate high when studying via this course.

Where to buy Assimil Italian Courses?

buy-Assimil-Italian-With-EaseSince Italian With Ease is not as popular in USA as it is in Europe, it might be difficult to find this course it in local stores. If you are interested in ordering English version of this course you can find it on a few online websites like EBay or Amazon.

The price of Assimil depends on which version of this course you will choose to buy – MP3 or CD edition. At the moment the price of first mentioned edition is ~95 USD and you can buy CD edition for as little as $53 on Amazon.

Find Assimil Italian courses on Amazon.

Ouino Italian review.

About Ouino Italian Software.

Due to the fact that Ouino is around for not too long, this software is available only for three foreign languages – Italian, Spanish and French. The other thing to know about Ouino is that it is a 5 module software, which can help you learn new Italian vocabulary and verbs, improve your pronunciation and conversation skills as well as understand grammar. All these mentioned modules can be purchased in combination or separately, which is quite useful in case you only want to learn how to speak Italian or you have limited budget.

One more thing to mention about Ouino is that it can be customized based on learners preferences. What it means is that users of this software can set pronunciation speed, choose gender of a speaker and choose frequency of how often they want to be provided with examples. In addition to that, Ouino allows learners to choose what modules and lessons they want to do at any given time. This option allows users to concentrate on Italian language areas (grammar, pronunciation, new vocabulary and etc.) that interest them the most.

Ouino-featuresAccording Ouino, this software provides Italian learners with a total of 316 lessons. While these lessons are quite short at times, it can be said that this course provides learners with a lot of material for learning Italian language. Each lesson in this software begins with an introduction to new material and then examples are provided so that you will be able to better understand how it is used in Italian language. After each lesson you will have an option to do a quiz, which will test how well you understood material in each lesson. It is worthwhile to mention that quizzes in Ouino program are based on points system. Your ultimate goal in these quizzes is to get maximum possible points, which will give you a red ribbon. Since these quizzes changes while you do them multiple times, you are less likely to get bored while trying to get a red ribbon.

What Do User Reviews Say?

Due to the fact that Ouino is not very popular software for learning Italian language yet, there are not so many user reviews available online. However you can find quite a lot of testimonials about this program on other languages, which will give you an idea of what to expect from Ouino Italian too. Some of the most commonly mentioned advantages of Ouino are that it is very reasonably priced studying program, it offers engaging activities for learning and that it teaches all parts of a new language.

When it comes to disadvantages, some users of this software mention that it lacks structure. Due to this, complete beginners at Italian, might find it difficult to figure out what to study next in order to progress with a new language more efficiently. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Ouino Italian software bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Ouino Italian course, visit Amazon page here.

What are The Main Pros and Cons?

The Main Pros:

  • In case you want to try Ouino Italian software for free you can do so by downloading demo version at the official website. This demo includes a total of 12 lessons, 12 quizzes as well as 3 pronunciation exercises;
  • Ouino course gives Italian learners quite a lot of freedom to choose what they want to learn. For instance you can choose to study grammar, practice your pronunciation, learn new vocabulary or verbs.
  • Based on official website of Ouino, this software includes a total of 316 lessons, so it can be said that there is quite a lot of material to cover for Italian learners;
  • This language program is suitable for both fast and slow Italian learners. This is because Ouino allows you to select gender of a speaker, pronunciation speed and etc.;
  • It is easy to keep track of your progress while learning via Ouino program. This is because can rate each lesson by giving it up to 4 four stars and then come back to more difficult lessons later;
  • It can be said that this software is quite engaging since it offers different material and features to study Italian from. Not only you can choose to study different aspects of Italian language (grammar, vocabulary, speaking and etc.), but also each lesson comes provides quizzes and exercises to improve your retention;
  • In case your primary goal is to learn how to speak Italian you will not be disappointed with Ouino course. This is because audios in this software are made by native speakers and there is a record feature, which allows you to compare your pronunciation with a native Italian speaker;
  • In order to keep your motivation to study this Italian language further and improve, Ouino uses score system and badges in quizzes. This is quite useful feature since you will have a goal to reach maximum possible points in each exercise and get a red ribbon;
  • Considering material included and features offered, it can be said that Ouino is very reasonably priced Italian course ($159);
  • Ouino Italian course is backed up by money back guarantee, so you can try this software risk free for up to 60 days;

The Main Cons:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of Ouino program is that you need to be around your computer in order to study Italian. Other courses like Rocket and Fluenz offers apps, audio lessons and all material can be accessed online. Due to this it can be said that Ouino is not a suitable language learning program for busy Italian learners;
  • As it was mentioned previously this program lets its users to choose what topics and aspects of Italian to study. While it can be seen as benefit, some learners might find it a bit confusing what material and when to study in order to progress with this language efficiently;
  • Even though this program provides learner with quizzes it can be said that they are quite similar and by completing them you will not be able to have proper retention on new material that was introduced in the lessons;
  • The other drawback of Ouino course is that it doesn’t provide learners with social features. Other courses that are mentioned in this website (Living Language, Rosetta Stone and Rocket) offers Italian learners access to a forum, ability to participate in e-tutoring sessions or chat with other learners;

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that Ouino Italian software has quite a lot of benefits and a few drawbacks. One of the most commonly mentioned benefit of Ouino is that this software allows you to choose what lessons to study and also you can customize this program to suit your learning speed. The other benefit of this course is that it is not very expensive ($115 for all 5 modules) and it included quite a lot of material to study Italian from. It is also worthwhile to mention that this software provides pronunciation comparison feature and recordings are made by native Italian speakers. All this helps to ensure that users of this program can learn proper Italian pronunciation.

One of the biggest downsides of Ouino is that it is not very suitable course for busy Italian learners, since there are no features in this software that would allow you to study while on the go. The other thing to mention is that this program covers subjects not very deeply and provided workouts don’t give enough practice to remember what you have learned in the lessons properly. It would be also quite useful to have some social features, which would allow you to communicate with other Italian learners or tutors so you would not feel like you are learning this language alone. So if these mentioned disadvantages doesn’t outweigh advantages of this software, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Ouino program for learning Italian or other available foreign languages (French and Spanish).

Where to buy Ouino Italian Courses?

buy-Ouino-ItalianIn case you have already made a decision to buy Ouino Italian course there are few websites where you can purchase this software from. Some of the best choices for that are Amazon and official Ouino website online.

At the moment the price for this software is $115 on Amazon, so it can be said that Ouino is very affordable language learning software. In case you are short on a budget at the moment, you should also know that it is possible to order separate modules of this program. However our recommendation would be to get a complete course with all modules in it since it is more cost efficient option.

Find Ouino Italian Software on Amazon.

If you want to find out more about online programs that are aimed at teaching Italian read this review article. Here you will find a list of some of the most popular and best rated courses for studying this foreign language together with their main Cons and Pros.

Paul Noble Italian review.

About Paul Noble Italian Lessons.

Paul Noble is a language teacher based in London who has made audio based courses for languages like Italian, Spanish, German as well as French. Its method doesn’t rely on writing anything, learning lists of vocabulary or grammar rules. The instructor of these audios asks learners to be relaxed and he also encourages them to speak out load from the first lesson.

The whole format of these lessons is quite similar to most audio based courses. In each lesson Paul Noble explains some new concepts and then he asks listeners to say different phrases in Italian. After a small pause a correct answer is given by a native Italian speaker. Since Italian words & phrases are being pronounced by a native speaker Luisa, you will always hear a correct pronunciation in these audios.

Studying content in Paul Noble Italian course consists of 12 CD’s, which equals to about 13 hours of recording material. You will be able to transfer these audios to your preferred device, which makes learning more convenient while on the go. In addition to audio lessons Paul Noble also includes accompanying booklet. This booklet is a great reference guide for visual learners and it can help to increase your retention rate when studying Italian too.

Paul Noble method of teaching foreign languages has some familiarity with Michel Thomas. Hence these courses are being compared among learners and reviewers quite often. Usually Michel Thomas courses are being preferred by Italian learners who want to achieve advanced level in this language. This is because there are more parts and studying material available for Italian language. Paul Noble audios are usually chosen by Italian learners who have lower budget and who need only basics in this foreign language. Also Paul Noble doesn’t feature any students in his audios and all pronunciation of Italian phrases is being done by a native speaker. So with these lessons you will always hear proper pronunciation.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons of Paul Noble Italian.

The Main Pros:

  • Due to the fact that these audios are interactive, instructor of these lessons will constantly ask to say different phrases and words in Italian. This is definitely very useful since learners are encouraged to speak Italian from the start and it also helps to increase retention rate;
  • Since most of the studying material in Paul Noble course comes in a form of audios it is very convenient to study Italian via this course while on the go;
  • For visual Italian learners Paul Noble also includes accompanying booklet. This booklet is very useful as a reference guide and it also helps to increase retention rate;
  • Paul Noble uses native Italian speakers to pronounce words and phrases so you will be able to proper pronunciation all the time;
  • These audio lessons can be useful when preparing for a trip to Italy since most of Italian words & phrases that are being taught are essential;
  • Instructor of these audios gives quite a lot of associations between Italian and English. This way learners are able to recall new material easier and they feel more confident that they already know a lot in this foreign language. Paul Noble also encourages learners not to be afraid to make mistakes when studying, which increases confidence further;
  • New material in Paul Noble lessons is being repeated multiple times and in further lessons too so it is not too difficult to remember everything;
  • Paul Noble explanations on Italian language structure & grammar are very clear and logical so you will be able to progress with this foreign language quite easily;
  • These lessons are able to crease learning environment that is stress free. This is achieved by not requesting learners to remember grammar rules or lists of vocabulary;
  • In terms of price Paul Noble offers quite reasonably priced lessons (~70 USD) so it can be a suitable course for most Italian learners;

The Main Cons:

  • If you are more of a visual learner and you prefer to have some studying material in written form, you might find included booklet in Paul Noble course not sufficient;
  • In case you are learning Italian for academic purposes you will definitely need additional studying material to Paul Noble in order to learn Italian grammar properly;
  • If we would compare Paul Noble course to other Italian audio lessons in terms of engagement, it can be said that it is somewhere in the middle. These lessons are definitely less monotonic than Pimsleur; however they are also less engaging than Rocket or Michel Thomas audios.
  • It is quite difficult to immerse into Italian language while listening to these audios. This is because instructor of this course gives a lot of explanations & examples in English;
  • Learn Italian with Paul Noble contains about 13 hours of recorded material, which is mostly aimed at beginners. More advanced Italian learners should consider other courses since at the moment Paul Noble doesn’t offer any further studying material;
  • In each Paul Noble lesson you can expect to learn very limited number of new Italian phrases and words. Although it is a common problem with most audio based Italian courses;
  • This course doesn’t give too much information about Italian culture & traditions, which can be useful for travelers;

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

In overall, it can be said that Paul Noble lessons for teaching Italian have mostly positive reviews; however some people critique this course due to its similarity to Michel Thomas. Some other downsides that a few users of this course mention are that there is quite a lot of English language in these audios, each lesson introduces quite little new Italian words and phrases and it is mostly aimed for beginners of this foreign language.

Some of the most commonly mentioned strong sides of this course are that it teaches Italian in a very logical way, vocabulary & phrases are essential and it is easy to remember new learned material. Read a few consumer reviews of Paul Noble Italian course bellow.


For more user reviews of Paul Noble Italian lessons visit Amazon page here.

In Summary.

To conclude this review on Paul Noble Italian, it can be said that these lessons can be very beneficial for most learners. If you are just starting to learn Italian, Paul Noble can give a great introduction to the most essential Italian words & phrases, language structure and grammar concepts. Since Paul Noble method doesn’t rely on repetition or learning lists of vocabulary, the whole learning experience can be very stress free. New concepts are also being introduced and explained in a very logical way. So you will be able to recall everything without too much difficulty.

Find Paul Noble Italian lessons on Amazon.Paul-Noble-Italian-lessons

While there are a lot of benefits of this Italian course, there are also a few limitations to keep in mind too. Other than Learn Italian with Paul Noble there are no further courses available for this foreign language. Since it contains only about 13 hours of studying material you will need to look for alternative studying material if you want to progress with Italian language further. A few other drawbacks of these lessons are little studying material included for visual learners and limited information on Italian culture. Although these are quite small disadvantages so if you don’t need to achieve advanced level in Italian language, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Paul Noble course.