Babbel Italian review.

About Babbel Italian Program.

Babbel offers online based courses for studying languages like German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and etc. The main aim of this course is to teach learners how speak, understand, read & write in Italian. Material in this program can be accessed either via app or online website. While Babbel course is mostly aimed at complete beginners at Italian, more advanced learners can find some lessons aimed for them too. By completing Beginner and Intermediate courses of Babbel, it is possible to achieve B1 level at Italian.

Lessons in Babbel are being grouped not only by their difficulty, but also based on what they teach. Some of the lessons try to improve learners speaking & writing skills while others explain grammar concepts or other areas of Italian language. New Italian vocabulary in Babbel is also being grouped based on different topics. Some lessons teach vocabulary related to food while other to animals, numbers and etc. This is quite useful feature since you can select to do lessons & workouts that contain new Italian vocabulary that is the most essential for you.


The whole Babbel course is divided into many different lessons & workouts that doesn’t take too much time to complete. In most cases a separate topic is divided into 2 parts, there is a review lessons included afterwards and also some lessons contain additional pronunciation workouts. In the beginning of each lesson you will have objectives highlighted so it is completely clear what you are supposed to learn in each of them. Since lessons are very short you can easily find the time to complete at least a few of them daily. In case you don’t have the possibility to study at home you can use Babbel app and study Italian via different devices on the go.

After you will complete some lessons in Babbel you will be able to review new learned Italian words. Review Manager feature in this course selects random Italian vocabulary from already completed lessons so that you would be able to test your knowledge on them. It is also worthwhile to mention that Babbel has some social features available for users of this course. Users are able to contact other learners, participate in forum discussions, share their learning experience and etc.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons of Babbel Italian Course.

The Main Pros:

  • Before choosing one of subscription plans in Babbel website it is possible to access some free Italian lessons first. This way you can ensure that this course is suitable for your learning style prior to spending any money;
  • When studying via Babbel program it is possible to improve all areas of Italian language (speaking, listening, reading, grammar and writing);
  • Since Babbel is an online based program it possible to study Italian whenever you have an internet connection. Also there is a free app available, which allows to learn via different devices;
  • It is easy to remember what to study with Babbel next since this online course has advanced tracking so you can continue where you last left;
  • It can be said that Babbel has quite a lot of social features. These include ability to search for other learners, message them, create threads in the forum, answer other learner questions and etc.;
  • All of Babbel lessons are divided into smaller parts so that it would be possible to complete them in less than 10-15 minutes time. This is especially useful if you have very limited time and want to complete at least small part of the course;
  • Learners who are studying Italian for traveling purposes can benefit greatly from a course like Babbel. This is mainly because this program contains some Italian culture information and also because it teaches essential vocabulary for getting around in a foreign country;
  • You can expect to learn about 2500 new Italian words in all lessons of this course, which can allow you to achieve B1 level in Italian language;
  • In order to motivate learners to study Italian further Babbel offers features like Daily Challenge (asks a few questions daily related to the material you learned) and also workouts are based on point system;
  • Review Manager feature in Babbel is quite useful for keeping retention rate high when studying Italian. It includes new Italian vocabulary from previous lessons so that you won’t forget what you learned;
  • Learning Italian via Babbel program is never too monotonic because it contains different type of activities & workouts that are enrich by images;
  • Babbel course can be very useful for learning proper Italian pronunciation and improving speaking skills of this language. This is mainly because recordings are made by native Italian speakers and also features like Speech Recognition encourages to speak out load more often. Also there are lessons included for teaching learners how to pronounce sounds correctly in Italian;
  • Even though Babbel doesn’t include in depth instructions on Italian grammar, provided material is sufficient to understand basics and progress with this language confidently;
  • Babbel has a very appealing price structure, since it offers different plans based on time. Subscription price per month can vary between 4.95-9.95 USD and all courses are risk free for 20 days (backed up by money back guarantee);

The Main Cons:

  • This course lacks online e-tutoring, which is a common feature with more advanced online courses for learning Italian;
  • Since Babbel is an online based course you will need to have an internet connection in order to study Italian via this program;
  • If you need to achieve more advanced level in Italian, material provided in Babbel will be not sufficient. In this case it might be worthwhile to consider a course with more levels from the beginning;
  • Most workouts in Babbel teach individual Italian words so it might take some time until you will be able to build your own sentences in this foreign language and different variations of them;

Summary of a Review.

Babbel Italian ProgramIn summary it can be said that most Italian learners can benefit a lot from a course like Babbel. While it doesn’t include in depth explanations on grammar, it is sufficient for progressing confidently with this foreign language. Since it teaches essential vocabulary for getting around in Italy and there is some culture information included, Babbel can work well for learners who are studying Italian for traveling purposes. Also lessons in Babbel are very short and it is possible to study while on the move (app), which makes this course suitable for busy Italian learners too. The price of Babbel Italian course is also relatively low (4.95-9.95 EUR per month), so you can try this course without spending too much money.

Although before considering Babbel it is important to keep in mind that studying material is quite limited (suitable for beginner-intermediate Italian learners) and also it teaches mostly separate words rather than sentences (will take time until you will be able to build your own sentences).

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