6 Best Apps for Learning Italian Language.

While learning a new language in class or via books is great, using apps can make your studying even more effective and engaging. It happens quite frequently throughout the day that we have a few spare minutes. This can be while you wait for a waiter to bring you lunch or your ride home via puplic transport. So why not use this time for learning a few Italian words? And with nowadays technology it is easier than ever.

With a help of your mobile phone or tablet you can download and use many different Italian learning apps. They can be used by complete beginners or learners who want to improve their current skills. Some apps are meant for learning single Italian words and sentences. Others are more advanced and feature engaging workouts to practice different areas of Italian.

We did some research and app testing. And in this article we provided a list of some of the best apps for learning Italian. They were rated based on offered features, ease of use and engagement.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo Free AppIn general Duolingo is completely free language learning app. Nevertheless you would need to spend 9.99 USD to use this app without ads. The other benefit of paid Duolingo membership is that you can use it for studying Italian offline. Although these mentioned benefits are not important for most learners, hence they choose to use free Duolingo version.

One of the first things you will need to do when starting with Duolingo is to set a time goal for learning Italian. This could be 10, 20 or 30 minutes daily, its all up to you. Even though its just five or ten minutes daily, but still by being persistent you will be able to progress in small steps.

Duolingo app teaches Italian through small tasks and exercises. During these workouts you will be asked to translate into Italian, pair English words with Italian, repeat a phrase into your microphone and more. The intent of these exercises is to improve users Italian writing, speaking, reading and listening competences.

This app also does a great job at motivating Italian learners. Just like in a game, all your actions in the program will gain you experience points. You can even set your daily points target. These points show up in the leaderboard as well, hence you can compete with other learners.

As a stand alone studying tool, Duolingo might be not sufficient to advance a lot in Italian. Although it is definitely worthwhile to consider adding it into your learning resource mix.

Duolingo for iOS

Duolingo for Android

2. Memrise

Memrise AppOne possible description of Memrise would be to say that its a set flashcards. Hence the best use of this app is to build Italian vocabulary. To make learning vocabulary more efficient for its users, Memrise uses so called mnemonics. They are basically cues that are meant to help you recover a memory.

Flashcards in Memrise doesn’t simply contain words and their translations. Within different flashcards you will need select answer from multiple choices, comprehend what a native Italian speaker is saying, type in translation and more. Your comprehension of words will be tested later on in review parts. These reviews doesn’t test your Italian knowledge just randomly. By using spaced repetition method, in the beginning they review new vocabulary more frequently and later on it shows up less often.

One quite unique aspect of Memrise app is that quite a lot studying content here is created by users themselves. Of course there is studying material made by Memrise staff as well. All this makes Memrise content unique and interesting. You can expect to deepen your Italian knowledge covering various topics such as business, food, grammar and even slang. Hence it is not just words & phrases, you can learn some Italian grammar as well.

Memrise app is completely free. Although there is also an option to buy pro membership for 4.9 USD monthly. Paid membership can be preferred by learners who want to get access to more learning modules. Out of six modules only three can be accessed for free.

Memrise for iOS

Memrise for Android

3. Learn Italian Words Free

App for Learning Italian WordsThe name of this app pretty much describes its main purpose. Its is aimed at teaching users Italian vocabulary. After downloading and installing this app, you will select your current Italian level. Also you will provide the number of minutes you are planning spend using the app daily. Each lesson in this app will teach you approximately 15 new Italian words. They cover topics such as travel and business or they can be useful in general everyday conversations. After completing a lesson you will be able to test your knowledge in various workouts.

One unique feature of Learn Italian Words Free app is that it has a separate section for learning informal Italian words (slang). Learning some Italian slang can definitely come in handy for communicating with native speakers. So if you are living or traveling to Italy, this section of the app can be very useful.

For Android.

4. Busuu

Bussu App for ItalianLike most Italian learning apps, Busuu includes various short lessons. They cover various topics for different level students. Beginner lessons cover topics like food, family and free time. Once lessons advances, you can expect learn vocabulary related to politics, economics, life and etc. This learning app is quite well-structured. In your dashboard you can always see what activities you already completed, whats next and etc.

One quite unique feature of Busuu is that it gives possibility to interact with Italian speakers. By using this app, users can write something in Italian and later on it is being corrected by a native speaker. Additionally you can communicate directly with other Italian pen pals around the world. Busuu is used by many users, hence it doesn’t take long for this social feature to work. Of course, in order for this feature to work, you will have to give feedback on someone else speaking or writing (in your native language).

With Busuu app you can select both free and paid memberships. With free account you will get access only to one language and its lessons. Hence learners who are planning to learn more languages, will need to upgrade their membership. Some additional features of Premium account are extra quizzes and exercises on Italian grammar. Also you will have possibility to download lessons and use them later for studying offline.

Busuu for iOS

Busuu for Android

5. Italki

Italki App

Italki is completely different learning app when compared to others reviewed in this article. This app gives users possibility to practice their Italian speaking skills. This is done by booking live conversations with native speakers or tutors. The list of potential language partners or teachers is quite huge. Hence you will be able to book lessons at a time convenient for you.

There is no set price for using Italki for learning Italian. Community features and finding exchange partner is free in this app. You can ask others to correct your Italian writing or simply get answers to your questions.

Learners who need more professional help, can select professional teachers as well. Each teacher has their own schedule and prices. You can expect to pay between 5 – 25 USD per hour. There are reviews of each teacher provided by users of Italki to make selection easier for you. With so many choices for teachers, you will definitely be able to find a tutor suitable for your type of learning and budget.

Italki for iOS

Italki for Android

6. Mondly

Mondly Learning AppThe main purpose of Mondly app is to teach users Italian phrases and words. It does that through interactive activities like graphics and games. Mondly can be adapted for most Italian learners, because you can select what vocabulary topics to learn and activities to do.

Some features in Mondly app are useful for boosting motivation to study Italian. As you will be using the app, you could follow your learning progress easily. Also activities in Mondly are based on points system. Hence you will be motivated to collect more and compete with other Italian learners using this app.

One great benefit for iOS users is that it is possible to use Mondly not only on their phone or iPad, but also on iWatch. Hence users can have even more flexibility to study.

It wouldn’t be fair to categorize Mondly app as free. It is true that you can install this app for free.¬† Nevertheless it gives access to studying content only for 7 trial days. Once the trial is over, you will need to pay for this in order to continue using it. It is usually the case with most apps, but with Mondly¬† free content is especially limited.

Mondly for iOS

Mondly for Android

With so many choices for apps you might be wondering which one or how many to choose for Italian learning. There is no simple answer to this. As they are all free to install, the advice is quite simple. Try to get as many as possible or as many your phone can handle. After trying and seeing what works for you and what’s not, add them to your learning routine. Maybe it will be even worthwhile to consider paid memberships for some of them.